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Friday, June 1

TWO DAYS????????!!!!!!!

I have just dragged myself out of bed far too early, in the hope (once again) that referrals would have been posted to the US or Europe overnight. All I see on Rumour Queen is the thoroughly nauseating news that a European agency is reporting two days worth of referrals. Yup, that's right folks - TWO LOUSY, STINKING, ROTTEN, GOOD-FOR-NOTHING DAYS!!!! It is still only an R1 rumour at the moment (ie: doesn't hold too much weight) but I am just gutted. If it is true, with an LID of November 22nd, we still may be months away from our little Alice. OK - off to cry me a river now, and probably have a bit of a barf....

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Wendy said...

Well I might have some good news for you... I just got off the phone with our agency and he as told me that we made this months batch... Our LID is November 4 2005. He has told me to expect our referral next week sometime.