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Friday, June 15

They are home!!!!

It is with much excitement and great joy that I can finally announce - MY PIGLETS ARE HOME!!!!! I could hardly sleep on Wednesday night, thinking about them arriving the next day, worrying about them, hoping they still loved me (pathetic, I know...) I arrived at the airport at least half an hour too early but thankfully the flight was on time. Of course, they were the very last off the plane (my mum has this 'thing' about coming off last - go figure) and I was just so thrilled to see them step off onto solid ground! DS came running across the tarmac, dragging his little Batman suitcase behind him, to give me a huge hug whilst DD was slightly more restrained, but still very pleased to see me. I know they have only been gone a bit less that two weeks, but it seems like a lifetime since I last saw them. The rest of yesterday was spent unpacking suitcases, oohing and ahhing over the various things they had bought me, and making up for my severe hug deficit. This morning, I had one sleepy piglet come into bed (woken by the sound of DH pounding away on the treadmill) and snuggle with me for quite sometime. Bliss. I can hardly wait until my third little piglet is here with us - still waiting for you baby....

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