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Thursday, November 27

More photos by Ge Ge!!

I think he has a bit of talent! Enjoy the pics. Oh, the ones of Alice and her Daddy are by me, and are just too cute!! We are currently incredibly busy with end of year stuff that I haven't much time to post, but promise to do something more substantial soon.

Wednesday, November 19

Just a few photos

Once again, life has been hectic and I have had no time to blog!! DH has been away twice in the last week and a half to Adelaide, South Australia, as his Dad had a massive heart attack there whilst on holiday. He had a triple bypass operation on Monday and, praise God, is doing well, but it has been a stressful time. Thankfully DH will be home tonight before he heads off for Hobart on the weekend for work. Thanks to all for your kind comments about our beloved Bonnie. She seems to be doing OK - the pain meds are helping and she has her appetite back, so we are just taking things a day at a time, giving her plenty of love and spoiling her rotten. As to the photos, yes, that IS a picture of a dog wearing pink socks! Once again my big DD got hold of the camera and decided to get creative with Bella and a pair of Alice's socks. Not sure why the photo is sort of blurry around the edges, but I think it is kind of cute!

Friday, November 14

A trip to the vet's and some bad news....

Our lovely Labrador, Bonnie, has been a bit off the last few weeks - not keen on her food (MAJOR indication of something being wrong), lethargic and unhappy. Oddly too I had noticed that the shape of her snout has changed. The tip of her nose is pointing up higher, and she seems to be permanently baring her top teeth as a result. As she is pretty ancient (about 14) I took her along to our lovely family vet, Dr Bob. He had a look inside her mouth and gave me the very sad news that she has an inoperable tumour on the roof of her mouth. I cried. She has been with us since she was nine, adopted from my cousin who didn't want her any more. She has been the most lovely, loyal and gorgeous dog, and the kids just love her to bits. Alice is too young to understand, but my DS and big DD are going to be devastated when I tell them. Basically all we can do is give her pain relief and make the 'big decision' when she appears to be in too much pain. Dogs are such wonderful, faithful friends, and to lose one is like losing a part of you. I will endeavour to make Bonnie's remaining time with us a happy one, so I am off to give her some more ham off the bone as a treat.

Wednesday, November 12

Bad Blogger!!

Yes, I know I am a complete slacko and have not posted in absolutely AGES!!! I do have a good excuse though - my camera has stopped working (sob) and I don't have any pics to post!! And life is moving along at an extraordinarily fast pace at the moment. This time of the year seems to get crazy! We have the big School Fair this Friday evening, lots of end-of-year parties etc, and all my nieces, nephews, sisters-in-law and various other assorted relatives have their birthdays now too. Add to this two big kids and their after school activities, one little person who is FULL ON and a husband away caring for his sick Dad and I seem to have no time at all. So enough excuses for now - will try to post pics in the event that I can get the darn camera working again.

PS - just managed to find a photo in the last lot that got downloaded of me and my two big kids. Shocking photo of me, but the kids look cute!!