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Friday, May 30

The Sweetest Thing

Sometimes the simplest things in life are the best. Take this morning for instance - pretty much a normal morning. I had just put the dinner on to cook in the slow cooker (marvellous invention that) and I was doing the dishes. Alice was indulging in two of her favourite past times - eating breakfast 'on the run' and digging around in the drawer where I keep all the plastic containers. So I am washing away, Alice is happily playing, and all of a sudden, she comes running to me. 'What's wrong sweetheart?' I ask. She looks up at me, smiles and says 'ca!" This is Alice-speak for cuddle. So I bend down, open my arms and she comes to me for a snuggle. A couple of months ago, this would never have happened. My broken baby is healing, and it is the sweetest thing....
And just for a bit of gratuitous eye-candy, here's the yummy Bono singing one of my fave U2 songs. Enjoy!

Thursday, May 29

Thursday again


Seems to be that Thursday is becoming 'my' day for blogging. Not sure why the urge to blog always seems to strike on a Thursday, but here I am again. Not a great deal to report this week. Alice is well, although a tad grumpy for pushing through tooth number four - WHOOHOO!! This has coincided with some pretty atrocious nappy deposits which have burned her precious nether regions, so she has been a little on the miserable side. She has, however, been making huge leaps in her language this week. She is now copying most things that I try to get her to say, and can say 'tea towel' perfectly (very useful word that - she may be put to work drying dishes before she turns two!!) She has also begun to put two words together, such as 'ta ta Eeyore' when she wants her Eeyore toy. VERY cute...

School holidays begin tomorrow, which is fabulous. I love having the big kids home, even though their bickering drives me mad at times. They really enjoy having more time with Alice, and I have a couple of extra helpers around the home!

Must head off and tend to some chores before the Sleeping Beauty wakes from her slumber. No pics I'm afraid - far too slack to take any this week.

Thursday, May 22

My Gorgeous Kids

This photo is deceptively simple - a big brother reading to his little sister. What is interesting though is the story behind it. I am pretty strict with my kids and the TV - they are allowed only half an hour a day, and always after all chores and homework have been done. DS had done everything required of him yesterday and asked if he could watch the box for his half an hour. I said it was fine, and off he trotted. I was in the kitchen getting tea ready, and had popped Alice in the lounge room with her big brother to keep her out of harm's way. She started fussing and whining as soon as DS came into the lounge, and he put on the TV. She continued to fuss, and then the fussing stopped. Curious to see why, I snuck a look around the corner. There was DS, snuggled up on the chair with is mei mei, happily reading to her. The TV was on, but he wasn't watching it. He had forgone his TV rights in order to read to his fussy little sister. What a beautiful boy I am blessed with. He loves Alice so very much, and I am so very thankful for his presence in my life.

Monday, May 19

Monday Meanderings


I have a few spare minutes before Madame is due to awaken from her slumber and just wanted to put a few thoughts to cyber-paper. I guess you have all heard of the terrible earthquakes in China this last week. I feel so grieved for the millions of people whose lives have been irrevocably changed by this catastrophic event. The parents who have lost their only children, the children who are now orphans, the husbands who have lost wives, and the wives who now have no husband. The suffering is immense and my soul is wracked with grief for them. In times like these it is so easy to feel helpless, and jaded with the world, to feel an honest and fervent sense of life being unfair. I pray that those left behind, who are now struggling to come to grips with their radically changed lives, can experience the peace and comfort of God as they take each new day in their stride. The world just seems to be so full of suffering and despair at the moment - not only earthquakes in China, but war in the middle east, cyclones in Burma, political and social unease in Zimbabwe and many. many more horrible situations. My prayers are with all those affected by these events, and my thoughts are with them. Once again, I feel so very blessed, yet wonder why I am so fortunate? I have no answer to this question, but I am determined not to take a second of my very blessed life for granted. Hugs to all my cyber friends - peace and love be with you all. xxx

Thursday, May 15

Alice the Movie Star

Big Sister made this little video of her mei mei yesterday. Alice worked out that she could 'sniff up' her sister's muesli bar wrapper and make it stick to her face. A career in the circus lies ahead perhaps??!! Love the way her Big Sis eggs her on in this clip!

Monday, May 12

Latest pic of Alice

Being wheeled around on the computer chair by her big brother! She seems a little concerned about the whole situation which is understandable, given her brother's predilection for speed and lack of care and attention!! As for the rest of our week, we have been busy and happy. Alice has responded so well to the 'Taming the Tiger' program that I have eased off with the amount of time she spends in the Ergo. She is still there for 2-3 hours per day, but she thoroughly enjoys her 'down time', especially playing with big sis and big bro. Her behaviour has changed dramatically from the child she was just a couple of months ago. I can now cuddle her at will without too much of a struggle - she LOVES to snuggle in and sing songs, especially 'Old MacDonald' - and she seeks me out for affection, which makes my heart melt. If I am in the kitchen, she will come and hug my legs, and then put her arms up, wanting to be held. This is so beautiful to see, and a sign of real improvement. She also gives me hugs now, and when I am carrying her in my arms, she will often look at me, say 'Mum!!' and then rest her head on my shoulder. Ahh, pure bliss.....

Friday, May 2

Surprise - a photo of me!!!

It doesn't happen very often as I am usually on the other end of the camera! However, today I was visiting my dear friend Fiona (hi Fiona!!!) and she decided to take some pics of Alice and I. Now I am not particularly fond of being captured on film, and Alice is not awfully keen on smiling for the camera, but today all the planets aligned at exactly the right moment and a nice photo of us both was taken. Thanks Fiona!!

On a different note, I was talking to DS last night, getting frustrated with him because he was meant to be brushing his teeth. DS, you see, is the master of procrastination. He stuffs about so frequently that we have nicknamed him the King of Faff. Anyway, he was meant to be brushing his teeth but instead I caught him playing with the bath toys. Grumping and growling at him, I questioned him as to whether or not anything was going on inside his head, aside from the desire to faff around. 'No Mum' he replied 'it's too full of elevator music for me to do anything else'. Mmmm, that explains things.....