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Monday, May 19

Monday Meanderings


I have a few spare minutes before Madame is due to awaken from her slumber and just wanted to put a few thoughts to cyber-paper. I guess you have all heard of the terrible earthquakes in China this last week. I feel so grieved for the millions of people whose lives have been irrevocably changed by this catastrophic event. The parents who have lost their only children, the children who are now orphans, the husbands who have lost wives, and the wives who now have no husband. The suffering is immense and my soul is wracked with grief for them. In times like these it is so easy to feel helpless, and jaded with the world, to feel an honest and fervent sense of life being unfair. I pray that those left behind, who are now struggling to come to grips with their radically changed lives, can experience the peace and comfort of God as they take each new day in their stride. The world just seems to be so full of suffering and despair at the moment - not only earthquakes in China, but war in the middle east, cyclones in Burma, political and social unease in Zimbabwe and many. many more horrible situations. My prayers are with all those affected by these events, and my thoughts are with them. Once again, I feel so very blessed, yet wonder why I am so fortunate? I have no answer to this question, but I am determined not to take a second of my very blessed life for granted. Hugs to all my cyber friends - peace and love be with you all. xxx


Louanne said...

I hear ya Cristina! Some days I get overwhelmed with the information from my work with World Vision. Like why are girls sold off to be prostitutes as children? Why are there still kids dying of malaria? Why, why why? But through all of it God reminds me that He is faithful and that I can't see the big picture. And we are blessed, blessed beyond belief.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you and Louanne.