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Thursday, May 22

My Gorgeous Kids

This photo is deceptively simple - a big brother reading to his little sister. What is interesting though is the story behind it. I am pretty strict with my kids and the TV - they are allowed only half an hour a day, and always after all chores and homework have been done. DS had done everything required of him yesterday and asked if he could watch the box for his half an hour. I said it was fine, and off he trotted. I was in the kitchen getting tea ready, and had popped Alice in the lounge room with her big brother to keep her out of harm's way. She started fussing and whining as soon as DS came into the lounge, and he put on the TV. She continued to fuss, and then the fussing stopped. Curious to see why, I snuck a look around the corner. There was DS, snuggled up on the chair with is mei mei, happily reading to her. The TV was on, but he wasn't watching it. He had forgone his TV rights in order to read to his fussy little sister. What a beautiful boy I am blessed with. He loves Alice so very much, and I am so very thankful for his presence in my life.


Louanne said...

I love that sweet photo with a story to go with it :)

mumma to many said...

My post didn't show up! :(
Isn't it great when they suddenly get it! They know that the connections between siblings last the longest!
Hugs Ruth in NZ

Jeff and Amy said...

That is really sweet :)