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Thursday, May 29

Thursday again


Seems to be that Thursday is becoming 'my' day for blogging. Not sure why the urge to blog always seems to strike on a Thursday, but here I am again. Not a great deal to report this week. Alice is well, although a tad grumpy for pushing through tooth number four - WHOOHOO!! This has coincided with some pretty atrocious nappy deposits which have burned her precious nether regions, so she has been a little on the miserable side. She has, however, been making huge leaps in her language this week. She is now copying most things that I try to get her to say, and can say 'tea towel' perfectly (very useful word that - she may be put to work drying dishes before she turns two!!) She has also begun to put two words together, such as 'ta ta Eeyore' when she wants her Eeyore toy. VERY cute...

School holidays begin tomorrow, which is fabulous. I love having the big kids home, even though their bickering drives me mad at times. They really enjoy having more time with Alice, and I have a couple of extra helpers around the home!

Must head off and tend to some chores before the Sleeping Beauty wakes from her slumber. No pics I'm afraid - far too slack to take any this week.

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