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Friday, May 2

Surprise - a photo of me!!!

It doesn't happen very often as I am usually on the other end of the camera! However, today I was visiting my dear friend Fiona (hi Fiona!!!) and she decided to take some pics of Alice and I. Now I am not particularly fond of being captured on film, and Alice is not awfully keen on smiling for the camera, but today all the planets aligned at exactly the right moment and a nice photo of us both was taken. Thanks Fiona!!

On a different note, I was talking to DS last night, getting frustrated with him because he was meant to be brushing his teeth. DS, you see, is the master of procrastination. He stuffs about so frequently that we have nicknamed him the King of Faff. Anyway, he was meant to be brushing his teeth but instead I caught him playing with the bath toys. Grumping and growling at him, I questioned him as to whether or not anything was going on inside his head, aside from the desire to faff around. 'No Mum' he replied 'it's too full of elevator music for me to do anything else'. Mmmm, that explains things.....


Louanne said...

OH MY GOSH!! I love the photo. After your month of hard work, I love seeing the 2 of you together.

And the DS is too funny!

Anonymous said...

Very very nice mum/daughter photo ... adorable!

Jeff and Amy said...

OH, what a great picture!!!!!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Love your sons comeback about not brushing the teeth.. hehe

Anonymous said...

Hi Tassie,
Just wanted to wish you a Great Mothers Day..CTG from RQ

Jen said...

How old is that son of yours?????
Cute photo - so good to see a beautiful photo of Mummy and daughter - hope you had a wonderful Mummy's day yesterday! xx Jen