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Tuesday, September 30

The Great Hair Salon Massacre

No photos people as it is just far too graphic. I took it upon myself to trim Alice's fringe this weekend, and it ended up a little crooked. Nothing too bad, but to my obsessive-compulsive self it was noticeable, so I decided to take her to the salon to have it evened up. ARGHHHHHHHH!!! The silly girl hacked her fringe off!!! Instead of the hair sitting nicely just on her eyebrows as intended, she now has an arch-shaped fringe (a crooked arch at that) more than half way up her forehead. Add to this the cowlick she has (which is why the fringe must be kept reasonably long) and you will understand how truly awful it is. Poor little mite - thankfully hair grows back....

Wednesday, September 24

Another video for you

Alice playing in the mud - what a hoot! BTW, the stern, grumpy 'stop doing that' towards the end of the video is directed at my darling son who thought it would be fun to throw gravel at his sister whilst she sat in the mud....

Tuesday, September 23

Wednesday, September 17

Some new pics

School holidays are almost done (sigh) and I have accomplished very little aside from spending some serious fun time with the kids. DS is currently on camp, and DD has her best friend staying for three nights, so Alice is LOVING the two big girls who cater to her every whim! Hope you enjoy the pics.

Wednesday, September 10

Happy Birthday to Me!!

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Well, it's that one day of the year where I have free reign to do as I please - or in a perfect universe I would! I turn 37 years young today, and most of the morning was spent at the hospital with DS, having ultrasounds, x-rays and blood test to investigate the reason behind his persistent tummy upsets. I do get to go out for lunch with my mum, however (her treat!) and my wonderful DH is currently in the kitchen preparing a huge sushi feast for tonight. He also bought me a very nice 2004 vintage cab sav which I am sure will go nicely with the sushi! I was thoroughly spoiled with some lovely gifts, and feel like a special person indeed. Now to convince myself that the wrinkles are, in the words of my old mate Adele, not wrinkles but laugh lines!!!

Saturday, September 6

And a video!

Just a bit of footage from this morning's adventures!

A Morning at the Beach

Well, spring has landed here in sunny Tassie, and I decided to bundle up all three kids and head to the beach and playground today. We parked a half hour walk away, ambled around to the park, then spent an hour or so on the beach. Alice had a ball, as did her ge ge and jie jie. Here are a few photos for you to enjoy!

Thursday, September 4

Twelve Months Ago .......

I can hardly believe that it has been a WHOLE YEAR since we received the phone call that changed our lives. At about 9.20am on September 4th 2007, I was up a ladder, painting a window frame at the kids' school when my mobile rang. It was my batch buddy, Leah, and she was sobbing something about a baby. Once she calmed a bit I managed to work out that she had been called by her SW to let her know that she had been referred a beautiful baby girl from Jiangxi province. I promptly screamed and told her to hang up as MY social worker might be trying to call. The next ten minutes seemed like an eternity, until my mobile rang again. It was the SW, and she had good news. I don't remember too much of that conversation, aside from the fact that she wasn't going to tell me ANYTHING until I saw her face to face that afternoon!! I soon convinced her to open the envelope and give me some details about our new little daughter. The SW told me her name, date of birth and province, and said she was VERY cute!! I cried. That afternoon, all four of us headed off to Burnie (about a 40 minute drive) to 'meet' our new little family member. I distinctly remember looking at the first of three photos, and thinking 'Oh, she's a bit funny looking'!!! By the second photo I thought that she was OK, and by the time I saw her passport photo, I was in love. My sweet little girl, looking so lost and pensive. I was just dying to hold her and kiss her and tell her that everything would be OK. I had to wait another 6 weeks for that, but the day I saw her sweet face for the first time will always be a special memory for me. Enjoy the comparison shots!