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Wednesday, September 10

Happy Birthday to Me!!

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Well, it's that one day of the year where I have free reign to do as I please - or in a perfect universe I would! I turn 37 years young today, and most of the morning was spent at the hospital with DS, having ultrasounds, x-rays and blood test to investigate the reason behind his persistent tummy upsets. I do get to go out for lunch with my mum, however (her treat!) and my wonderful DH is currently in the kitchen preparing a huge sushi feast for tonight. He also bought me a very nice 2004 vintage cab sav which I am sure will go nicely with the sushi! I was thoroughly spoiled with some lovely gifts, and feel like a special person indeed. Now to convince myself that the wrinkles are, in the words of my old mate Adele, not wrinkles but laugh lines!!!


Jen said...

Well! happy 37th birthday! hope you enjoyed the sushi and the cab sav! What a special day - heaven will always celebrate because it's the day God chose life for you! I celebrate it too!

Jen, Graham and Ebony Grace

OziMum said...

Oooo loving your new blog template! Don't feel bad about being 2 years older than me though!!! HA!!! Wisdom is sposed to come with age... right?!!!

Have a good one, Love!

OziMum said...

Hope its and SA Cab Sav?!!!