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Tuesday, September 30

The Great Hair Salon Massacre

No photos people as it is just far too graphic. I took it upon myself to trim Alice's fringe this weekend, and it ended up a little crooked. Nothing too bad, but to my obsessive-compulsive self it was noticeable, so I decided to take her to the salon to have it evened up. ARGHHHHHHHH!!! The silly girl hacked her fringe off!!! Instead of the hair sitting nicely just on her eyebrows as intended, she now has an arch-shaped fringe (a crooked arch at that) more than half way up her forehead. Add to this the cowlick she has (which is why the fringe must be kept reasonably long) and you will understand how truly awful it is. Poor little mite - thankfully hair grows back....


OziMum said...

Least its not the first day of school or anything (I gave Harry a bald spot with the clippers - accidentally!) on his first day of school!!!

Gina (Caleeo) said...

:( so sorry about her hair. Even if you don't post it, make sure to take a couple pictures. Just to remember how bad it could be????

Louanne said...

I have been so behind on blogs and so I am sorry you had such a rough time. But now I see that photo and lucky for all parents - the hair grows back.

I think my mom is still mad at me for the job I did on myself as a child. HA HA!!