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Wednesday, November 19

Just a few photos

Once again, life has been hectic and I have had no time to blog!! DH has been away twice in the last week and a half to Adelaide, South Australia, as his Dad had a massive heart attack there whilst on holiday. He had a triple bypass operation on Monday and, praise God, is doing well, but it has been a stressful time. Thankfully DH will be home tonight before he heads off for Hobart on the weekend for work. Thanks to all for your kind comments about our beloved Bonnie. She seems to be doing OK - the pain meds are helping and she has her appetite back, so we are just taking things a day at a time, giving her plenty of love and spoiling her rotten. As to the photos, yes, that IS a picture of a dog wearing pink socks! Once again my big DD got hold of the camera and decided to get creative with Bella and a pair of Alice's socks. Not sure why the photo is sort of blurry around the edges, but I think it is kind of cute!


amy said...

oh these pictures are just wonderful

OziMum said...

HA! My first question was going to be..."is that dog wearing socks?"!!! (and yet another reason we are now not naming our daughter Bella!!!)

Glad to hear the FIL has come thru the op well. He's in a fantastic hospital- alot of the State's specialists are there! :) Pity this is what he has to see, from our beautiful state.

Shelle said...

So sorry to hear abou your FIL, hope he can return home soon.

Alice sure has a lovely head of hair- so thick and shiny.

Cute photos! We had to tape socks onto our little dog, she had surgery to remove teeth and it was either that or one of those silly Elizabethan collars to keep her from scratching at her mouth.

Elisa. said...

Hope your FIL makes a speedy revovery.

Great pictures!