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Friday, November 14

A trip to the vet's and some bad news....

Our lovely Labrador, Bonnie, has been a bit off the last few weeks - not keen on her food (MAJOR indication of something being wrong), lethargic and unhappy. Oddly too I had noticed that the shape of her snout has changed. The tip of her nose is pointing up higher, and she seems to be permanently baring her top teeth as a result. As she is pretty ancient (about 14) I took her along to our lovely family vet, Dr Bob. He had a look inside her mouth and gave me the very sad news that she has an inoperable tumour on the roof of her mouth. I cried. She has been with us since she was nine, adopted from my cousin who didn't want her any more. She has been the most lovely, loyal and gorgeous dog, and the kids just love her to bits. Alice is too young to understand, but my DS and big DD are going to be devastated when I tell them. Basically all we can do is give her pain relief and make the 'big decision' when she appears to be in too much pain. Dogs are such wonderful, faithful friends, and to lose one is like losing a part of you. I will endeavour to make Bonnie's remaining time with us a happy one, so I am off to give her some more ham off the bone as a treat.


Jill said...

I am SO SORRY for the news you received today. As an animal lover with 5 cats and a dog, I cannot even fathom what you must be feeling. My heart and prayers are with you my friend.

Steve and Alese said...

It's so hard to lose an animal. They are kids too. I lost my black & tan coonhound, she was 11. I will be praying for you all.

Tracy said...

I am so very sorry :(

mumma to many said...

That is such sad news and 14 yes is a good age for a big dog! I know you will all know that this time is precious.
Enjoy these days and the let the kids be part of this decision informing them all the way! We lost our Blue burmese before our trip to China and the kids knew it was time even though she appeared happy on her last afternoon they knew it was time.
Hugs to you all
Love Ruth in Nz

OziMum said...

Sending you big hugs. You are right, dogs are definitely one of the family.

Enjoy your final days with her.

Bill and Linda said...

Sorry to hear your sad news. These are always the hardest decisions to be made. You will know when the time is right.

We're going through this with our guys now too.

Love and prayers,


Louanne said...

So very sorry for you and the kids.

Glori said...

Cris so sorry to hear of Bonnie's news. It is all you can do & she knows that she is loved.

My mum is going through a similar thing but with an 8wk old puppy who may or may not have distemper. It's been a huge rollercoaster & now she has had to struggle with THAT decision depending on the puppy's responding to even more meds (& her sister was also taken to the vet.....) It was hard enough telling Aiden about it.

Hugs for what will be hard to do. Big love & hugs.

Shelle said...

I'm so sad for you. I kind of know how you feel. We lost our 15.5 year old little bichon last March. She got pretty sick around the holidays but hung on until mid March. It's so hard. I'll be thinking of you.