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Monday, June 18

Hi, my name is Cristina..

and I am a chocoholic. It has been almost three days since my last chocolate binge, and I WANT CHOCOLATE!!!!!!! See, I have been so good for those entire three days, that I deserve a reward - and what would be more fitting than an entire block of Cadbury's??? I am I guess what you would call an 'all or nothing' type of girl. I can't just eat one row of chocolate, or one small bar of chocolate. Nope, once I get a taste for it, the raging chocoholic within awakes and no chocolate within a twenty mile radius is safe. Perhaps if I walk the dogs for half an hour, THEN I can have some choccy....... Any helpful hints on how to take my mind of this all-consuming desire to eat all the chocolate in Tasmania??

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Caroline said...

I love the fact that your site is Cadbury purple!!

X Caroline