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Saturday, June 2

All hail somewhereoverchina!!!

Very early this morning (3 am, to be precise) I was lying in bed, battling the insomnia demon, when I decided to go to the computer and check to see if referrals had, by some miracle, been posted (they hadn't, by the way). Anyhoo, I noticed a message in my in-box from a VERY lovely person from the Rumour Queen site, screen-named 'somewhereoverchina'. This fabulous and very kind person was just emailing to let me know that there are (free) software programmes that can be downloaded from the Web which enable you to recover deleted images on digital cameras. Hurrah!!! I searched the Web, found a programme, and now all my kids' action shots from the kung fu competition last week are safe and sound on my hard drive. Thank you so much somehwereoverchina - you really are a legend.

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