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Sunday, June 24

Is it Sunday already??

Man, this week has flown. Sorry Loyal Readers that I have been so slack in my posting, but I have had a pretty frantic week. Kids are back at school, which means I am back at work, so getting back into the early morning-get ready-catch the bus scenario has taken its toll. On top of all this, much of my time this week was taken up by buying my lovely new (well, new to me!) car. I feel very spoiled and indeed fortunate that my DH made this possible. Since my previous car was a teensy-weeny hatch back, we thought that another, slightly larger car would be needed for our impending arrival - three kids in a minuscule hatch back, one of whom is in a car seat, just doesn't work. We weren't really looking to replace it so soon, but my dear friend Susan mentioned to me on Wednesday that she had seen a particular car at a local car yard that I may be interested in. Well, I toodled up to the car yard to have a look and, low and behold, it was PERFECT! Took it home the next day for a test drive and basically just kept it! Check out the piccie - it's an 18month old Honda Odyssey seven seater. And my favourite thing about it? Has to be the heated leather seats. Just yummy on these cold winter mornings....

Aside from being very spoiled with a lovely new car, this week was marked by our 19month LID anniversary - 19 long months since our file went to China. On the Rumour Queen site this morning, it was exciting to see that our LID date of the 22nd was actually being talked about quite a bit. See, we not only managed to get our file to China in the busiest month EVER, but our logged in day is the most ENORMOUS day in terms of numbers of files. Typical.... Anyway, the rumours have it that our group will receive it's referrals in early September. If this is the case, I will have a very special birthday indeed, and DH may well celebrate Father's Day as a dad-of-three!! Keep watching this spot for further updates. Hopefully we are only about 10 weeks away from referral now, and that is making me kinda excited!
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Anonymous said...

We saw you and your children in the Cristinamobile this morning in town - the vehicle looks very sleek! Another item ticked off the shopping list before Alice comes home.

Do you think your readers should know that we are a scary shopping team? You helped us find our house and I helped you find your car. No wonder our respective DHs are trembling in their respective new warm coats!


Cristina said...

Mmmm, we have done the house, the car, what next??? Expensive overseas cruise?? Diamond necklace?? I can hear our DH's (and our credit cards) screaming as I type!! Sorry I missed seeing you in town today - must have been too busy admiring the interior of the Cristinamobile!


Anonymous said...

We were conducting our surveillance from Bellas, so unless you drive with your head at a 90 or 180 degree angle to the road in front (like my DH) you would not have seen us.


Glori said...

Congratulations on the new Cristinamobile. Looks very good indeed!

Finally, today we are on school holidays yippee - Aiden has begun the morph into sleep late - so I got a slight read-in (sleeping in not so much).

Thank you so very much for your Birthday Card! I receieved it on Thursday & dutifully held it over til yesterday (24th). It was a beautiful card. I turned 37 and have no fear in saying that aloud at all .....

Was a good quiet day at home (I'm down with the flu), the boys spoilt me rotten with fresh flowers (a bunch apiece) and gifts, with a takeaway Thai dinner to boot :)

Now if only I can stop channelling Marlene Dietrich with my voice I'd be good :)

Hugs & thanks.


Wendy said...

We just purchased an one of those vans this xmas. I love it!!! Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. Larkyn get's cuter each time I look at her picture...