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Wednesday, June 6

For anyone who would like to email me, I have updated my profile and my email link is in there. I would love to hear from you all (or, as my Yankie friends would say, 'y'all')


Glori said...

Hi Cris,

Hope you're enjoying the peace & quiet - it won't last & your house will be noisy once again!

Just wanted to check - can I use the keypoint address as well as the one with this profile? I've finally got some current photos :o of the THREE of us .... yes be very afraid (though I really don't like myself in them). Going to hassle D. to get the wedding we went to a few weeks ago out of the camera. When that is done I was planning on sending you a few :)

We finally got rain - first time in TWO (2) years!!!! Only had light showers in the that time & I mean light - drizzle walking to uni type light *lol*.

Catch you later - I unbelievably have another funeral to attend this morning (no. 5 for the year) & I'm starting to feel like the movie dialogue of "My great aunt died" "Just how many great aunts do you have" etc.

Not too close childhood/teenage family friend (my Nana's best friend actually). They say it's a 9 year & therefore a year of endings....

....Or beginnings when you think of hte number of weddings I'm going to four (& counting)....and of course you're special delivery :-)

PS Apologies for the length...

Cristina said...

Hi Nicky! You can use either email for the photos - both will get to me. It will be nice to finally see a pic of you all together. I am coping OK without the piglets, but have managed to get sick with a vile head cold. At least I only have to look after myself...

Glad you are finally getting some rain - enjoy! Catch you soon,
Cristina xx