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Saturday, June 9

An evening of decadence

Last night my DH treated me to a spectacularly lavish and opulent night away. What a treat!! Seriously, we NEVER do stuff like this, which made it all the sweeter. Since the DS and DD are safely occupied in Hong Kong with my parents, DH thought it would be the perfect opportunity for us to escape reality for a brief period and indulge ourselves in some mindless luxury. We motored up the road (in DH's sporty new boy-toy vehicle) to Glencoe B&B, about 20 minutes from our home, in the shadow of spectacular Mt Roland. Glencoe is operated by two French ex-pats, Ginette and Remi. Remi used to be a chef at the Ritz in Paris, and specialises in slow-cooking. YUM!! We arrived at about five pm, lazed about in the cosy guest lounge until we were called to dinner at seven. The menu is unique in that you don't choose what you are eating - Remi surprises you with a three course French feast extraordinaire. We started out with an entree of turkey terrine, served with ginger and pear chutney, and a fresh Waldorf salad on the side. Main course was slow-cooked beef shanks in a red wine gravy, mashed spuds and a gorgeous spinach and mushroom compote. Finally, we were treated to a luscious dessert of baked apples with lavender and fresh honeycomb. Have I made you all ravenously hungry yet??? We met up with another couple, Joy and Andrew, who were over from Melbourne for the weekend, and we whiled away the evening in the guest lounge, chatting and sipping a very tasty 2002 Stoney Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon. We toddled off to bed at about 10.30, and woke up very well-rested in our gorgeous French-inspired room. So if you are ever in Tassie, and are looking for a truly special place to spoil yourself for a night or two, give Ginette and Remi a call - you won't be disappointed!


Glori said...

That sounds absolutely magnifique! It looks beautiful & the food *Homer drooling has commenced*. Duncan was a wonderful husband in making sure you had some serious spoiling while you can do it worry-free. So very important WOOHOO.

I'm glad you had a wonderful break & very well deserved too :-)


PS check your mailbox ...... :p

Kim said...

You've been added to the blogroll, thanks for joining :)