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Tuesday, June 12

Counting the Days

It has now been nine days since my piglets left me. It seems like a lifetime. Only nine little days, yet they have stretched out forever. During those nine days, they have experienced so many new things - a new culture and it's food, new people, new places, new sights and smells. During the same nine days, I have pined pathetically and missed them more that I ever imagined I would. Sure, it has been nice being 'kid-free'. DH and I have had available to us a degree of impulsiveness and spontaneity that we haven't experienced since the halcyon days of University. Have we taken advantage of this newly discovered freedom?? Aside from our jaunt to Glencoe (see post below) sadly, no. I have allowed myself the luxury of the odd sleep-in, but aside from that, it has pretty much been business as usual, except for the clamouring silence which seems to envelop the house once DH goes to work.... So, as of today, it is only two more sleeps until I get to hold my piglets again, and shower them with hugs and kisses. I am sure that, even in the space of just nine days, they will have changed. Maybe they will be a little taller, a lot more suntanned, and I am sure that this wonderful experience of travelling overseas will have widened their horizons and opened their eyes to the amazing world around us. But, changes aside, they are still my little piglets, and I can't wait to hold them once again.

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