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Thursday, June 14

Early rumours

June 13th, 2007
A fairly reliable source is saying that November 21st should get their referral in August or September.

The same source is saying the next batch of referrals will be a similar size to the previous batch. They do not say if they are judging size by days referred or number of referrals.

Another source is saying the next batch will be a larger batch than we’ve been seeing."

I have pinched the above from the Rumour Queen site, hence all the American spelling 'mistakes' (please forgive me RQ!) Nothing really all that astounding, and it would mean we are still pretty much on track for a September referral (or maybe October??) Will this infernal wait ever end???? On a brighter note, in exactly one hour and four minutes my darling piglets will be stepping of the plane and back onto Tassie soil - YAY!!!! I simply cannot wait to catch up on all the hugs and kisses I have missed over the past 11 days. Mmmm, 11 days - sure seems like MUCH longer!


Tracy said...

Hi Cristina! Yes, we are the crazy big 11/22/05 LID as well! I am still hoping for September! hopefully July referrals give us a little bit better idea (ha! I always say that - "next month will tell us more!")

Shannon said...

I'm so happy you will see your kiddos soon!

Come on referrals!