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Thursday, June 28

Head bugs...

I was working with a student today - a very cute and lisping little girl - when, horror of horrors, I saw a live head louse climbing up a strand of hair. It is very difficult to concentrate on the task at hand after such an experience, and I must admit that the productivity level dropped a little after the sighting. Further (surreptitious) inspection revealed many more delightful creepy-crawlies, and dozens of unhatched eggs. Eeeooowww. Poor little mite - she was furiously scratching her head, I was trying to avoid being jumped upon by an energetic head bug, and the lesson went right out the window. I had to report the infestation to the teacher, as per school policy, and Miss Moppet had to go home to be de-loused. Children can be really gross sometimes, and often through no fault of their own!!

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