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Saturday, June 16

Saturday morning shopping...

I had to tackle the grocery shopping today - a thankless task at the best of times, but with a sinus infection, thick head and a red and shiny nose, it was the LAST thing on earth I felt like doing. My family however, for some strange reason, feels they are entitled to a meal or two over the weekend, so off to the supermarket I did stagger. One tortuous hour and $197.18 later, I emerged from said supermarket, feeling anxiety-ridden and truly gross. Then, I had to go to the bakery to get some rolls for lunch. It is here that my tale takes a frightening and deeply embarrassing turn. In I walk, all snotty-nosed and feeling wretched, and who should be standing at the counter but CM, the boy I wasted 4 years of high school on, indulging in a passionate, yet very one-sided romance. He was a 'cool' boy, I was a dork. He had beautiful blonde hair, permed into a gentle mullet at the back, as did all cool boys in the 80's. He was the star of the basketball and football teams, and I was so blinded by love for him that I wasted many, many hours sobbing in my room, playing Lionel Richie's "Hello' and pining for what should have been. Fast forward 20 years, and here we are, face to face in the bakery. Loyal readers, you would have been proud of me - I talked rationally, congratulated him on the recent birth of his twin daughters, and chatted politely for a few minutes. I then went out to the car and looked in the rear-view mirror - AAARRRRGGGGGGHHHH!!! I looked DISGUSTING!!! I know that I should be above all things superficial at this stage in my life, but I simply could not believe it. My first encounter with this boy (man) since 1987, and I looked like CRAP!!! Oh dear. At least I realised that I'm not in love with him any more.....Here's to unrequited love and bad 80's love ballads - may they never darken my emotional doorstep again.


Glori said...

Hi Cris,

I feel your pain. Last night, I went to my 20 year Gr 12 high school reunion!! Bless him, Damon came with me (he wasn't not going apparently). I went full of urgh, I won't be recognisable & a head cold complete with sore throat.

I'm not looking forward to attempting speech at my impending workshop (starts in 2 hours)! It's an all day writing workshop which I've been looking forward to for ages.

So we had a DJ who thought ALL 80s music (I finished '87) had to be LOUD - very annoying. So many of us were enjoying catching up for the sake of it. Was wonderful. Too wonderful. Damon noticed I was chatting to many, and instead of leaving to be home around 10.30pm (so I could get some sleep), I got to bed at 1am :o

My feet (heels are now a novelty in my life) & my throat are hell.

But...memories are great - the good, the bad and decidedly wicked *lmao* :)

Wendy said...

You handled it like a pro... even if you were not looking your best.

Cristina said...

Hi Nicky - sounds as if you had a blast at your reunion. We are supposed to have ours this year but I don't think anyone has the motivation to organise it! I am really pleased that you had such a great time - us old chooks have to take our fun where we can get it!! :)
Cristina xx

Cristina said...

Thanks Wendy - just wish I had had the motivation to put on a bit of makeup yesterday before I went shopping...I am regularly checking your blog to see if you have your good news yet - I really hope it happens early this week!
Cristina :)

Anonymous said...

Mmmm - my unrequited love sees me like that every morning - I married him 20 years later!

For some reason I now have "Air Supply" songs playing in my head - or am in the wrong era.


Cristina said...

Oh Susan - now you have made me get that horrid Air Supply song stuck in my head! "I'm all out of love, and so lost without you...' I am pretty sure that one got a bit of a bashing on my old turntable through thouse angst-ridden teenage years! I am very happy that you married your unrequited love - and a top bloke he is!
Cristina xx

Anonymous said...

I'm glad "All out of Love" is going around in your head, 'cause that's what's going around mine. Do you know that I actually "Air Supply" in person back in the eighties when the barrister I worked for was acting for them in a contract dispute. They turned up for Court in pastel (and striped suits) (Shock horror). I had to escort them to Court and a young junior girl who hopped into the lift on a lower floor nearly had a stroke when she saw who was in the lift. Bit of a change from the dour barristers in sombre wigs and gowns who were usually standing there when the lift doors opened.