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Wednesday, June 13

Ladybirds in the Mail

You know how it is - you have PMT, the DH is stressed about work and you end up having a silly fight before he leaves in the morning, you are feeling generally low and crappy. And then something unexpected happens to make you realise that the world isn't such a bad place after all. After a morning pretty much exactly as I have just described, I was feeling pretty miserable. My piglets were still not home, and my Alice baby was still in China. I went to check the mail, and instead of the usual boring advertising material and (worse still) bills, there was a little package from my dear freind Nicky in Queensland. Nicky and I met waaayyy back in the early 90's when we were suffering through Ancient Civs together at Uni. We shared many good times, cups of Red Zinger tea (whilst I smoked...yuk) and were very close mates. In 1993 Nicky and her husband moved to Queensland and we have been corresponcence buddies ever since. In that time, she has had a baby (no longer a baby, but a gorgeous almost- teenager) and I have had two, soon to be three. Our lives have meandered and changed, on occasion taking turns for the worse, and abounding in joy on others. Here we are 14 years later, and I get this little package. Inside are four exquisite woodedn ladybirds and a very special note. Nicky has had these ladybirds for many years, given to her as a gift. She had been reading this blog, and realised the significance of the ladybird for us poor tortured souls undergoing adoption from China, and sent them to find a new home with me. I am unbelievably touched by this gesture from my friend - to think of me, and send her love in such a beautiful way. Good friends are hard to find in this world, and when you do stumble across them, you must hold them tight, even if the miles separate you. So thank you Nicky - thank you for being my mate, who has stood by me (in body and in spirit) over the last decade and a half. You have just made my day!

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Shayla's Mom said...

What a truly nice thing she did! That was really sweet.

Lisa (from Nov 2005 Blogroll)
LID 11/21/05