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Wednesday, June 6

I'm so excited!!!

THE REFERRALS ARE HERE!!!!!! And they didn't only cover a two day period!!! By the looks of it, people with referrals up to and including the 7th November are IN - but the 11th is OUT. So where does that put us??? With an LID of the 22nd November, we are 14 little days away. The $64,000 question, however, is how long will it take the CCAA to get through those 14 days???? I am thinking we will probably hear our super-fantastic news in August, with September being the worst-case scenario. But it is entirely possible that it may take less or more time. Aah, the vagaries and frustrations of international adoption...
Anyway, a big
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to all my early November buddies who have made it this time: km98,caleeo,lilymakes5,pchelnyk,joei,boonewong,michelleoetjen, Bonybankhart,lucky#7, woopig, pinkpunch, Misterbean, frustrated, waiting2bmommy, revdaddy, Mom42B, Frankie, cutiepatootie, and Elisa P. I can hardly wait to see the pictures of your bonny babes, and experience vicarious pleasure in knowing that my time will come!

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