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Monday, June 11


I know I have been very slack in posting for the past few days, but I have a good excuse - I am feeling INCREDIBLY lousy with a vile head cold. I think my evening of decadence (see post below) was too much for my delicate system, and I have got the worst cold I have had in a long time. As a consequence, all my plans for my 'kid free time' seem to have flown right out the window. Big spring cleaning session around the house, catching up on my Mandarin homework, exercising every day (snort, guffaw), mucking out the chook shed.... I have accomplished none of these. In fact, all I seem to have managed to achieve is a few more hours sleep during the daytime, and a couple of extra kilos (comfort eating whilst sick - I highly recommend it). So, all in all, I look like death, my head feels as if it is stuffed with green cotton wool, and everything aches. And you know the worst thing about it all?? Every time DH gets a cold (the incredibly virulent strain known as The Man Cold) I hassle him so much about being a complete sissy, that I can't let on how crappy I really feel. If I do, I will be accused of being a wuss. I really have done myself a disservice. Mental note - next time DH is sick, be a bit more inclined to dish out sympathy instead of cynicism.


Wendy said...

I am sorry you are not feeling well. If DH won't feel any sympathy for you your fellow blogger will... Poor .. Poor.. dear!!!

Cristina said...

Thanks Wendy. I have already checked your blog today and noticed that your referral has still not arrived - you must be going crazy, you poor thing! I pray that you will get that extra special news VERY soon!
Cristina x