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Friday, June 8


The CCAA (China Centre for Adoption Affairs) updated their website yesterday to reflect the latest round of referrals. As expected (and feared) they only made it through to November 7th. SIX LOUSY DAYS (one of which was a Sunday, with no files logged in). ARGHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Now is the time to drag out that hoary old chestnut about being on a slow boat to China. By my reckoning, we may be looking at (gulp) September now for our referral. Mind you, Rumour Queen (all hail Your Majesty!) posted a table this morning with good, bad and horrid scenarios, and our 'horrid' scenario puts us at a NOVEMBER referral. Two years from when our file went to China. When you consider that, at the time our file left in November 2005, referrals were taking a bit less than six months, you can see where my frustration is coming from. I know that it is all in God's hands, and that His timing is perfect, but man I am sick of this emotional roller coaster.
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