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Monday, July 2

The Sound of Silence.

It is so quiet that it is almost deafening. I am talking figuratively here, not literally. It is the second of July, and there are NO rumours floating about regarding this month's allocations. Usually by this time of the month, we have been pulled from pillar to post by conflicting bits of information from various sources, but so far this month - nada, nyet, zip, zilch, NOTHING!!! Where are all the rumours??? In theory, we could be included in this month's round of allocations, as our LID is only 14 days away from where the CCAA referred up until last month. Realistically, we haven't got a hope of receiving our allocation, but we will be closer. But the big question is - how much closer will we be?? If they only refer another piddly 5-6 days worth of files, we will still be looking at a September/October referral. Ten days would be brilliant, but I simply can't see it happening. It is funny how low my expectations have become. A year and a half ago, if someone had told me that I would be thrilled at the prospect of the CCAA referring 10 days of files per month, I would have chortled with unrestrained mirth. You see, up until our file went to China, the CCAA was referring pretty much 30 days of files at a time. Since the 'Big Slow Down' though, things are very, very different. For example, since the beginning of the year, only a month and a half's worth of files have been allocated. ARRGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!! Please, someone throw me a bone - I'm dying here....And I still haven't eaten any chocolate!!!
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