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Friday, July 27

Rumour Wasteland...

This is VERY odd. Normally at this time of the month, rumours are coming thick and fast about the potential cut-off date, when referrals will be arriving, etc etc. So far this month there has been pretty much nothing. Earlier in July there was a flurry of rumours saying that the CCAA was going to shock the hell out of us and refer up until mid- December (HA!! AS IF!!), then we got the counter-balance rumour which said that they wouldn't make up to the 21st November. Since then - the silence has been deafening. One person did report on RQ today that their agency believes that referrals are still three weeks away. If this is the case, someone buy me a ticket out of here as I cannot bear the thought of having to wait another three weeks to see if, by some small miracle, we are in. So it's back to midnight sojourns to the computer, drinking too much red wine and snaffling far too much chocolate. Sigh... The sooner we get our referral the better, as if we wait too much longer I simply won't be able to fit into any of my clothes.

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Glori said...

Hi Cris,

I had noticed you becoming quiet on this front & was wondering what was or wasn't going on.

Wish I could wave a magic wand - be it HP, faerie, godmother.....

Curiosity? Do they do summer like a lot of the Northern Hemisphere - where July/August becomes this lost vortex of time & space whilst the weather is supposed to be warmer? (I know this from European countries & heck even the Americans have looooooong summer break/times).

I'll have some red wine with you & I'm sure Damon will take a hit on the chocolate side *lol*