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Sunday, July 29

Rumours at Last!!!

OK, for those of you who aren't a complete Rumour Queen addict like myself, here is (ripped directly from the RQ site - sorry!) the RQ rumour rating scale:

R1; A rumour that is very, very, very, suspect. I’m reporting it because it's out there, but I'm giving it zero weight.
R2: A rumour to keep an eye on.
R3: A rumour to pay attention to, but not enough behind it to say “this” is the way we are pretty sure it’s going to happen. Multiple conflicting rumours could all have a 3r Designation.
R4: Rumour that we feel good about. It comes indirectly from a source that is usually right, or it’s coming from multiple sources, but just not quite enough to give it a 5r Designation yet. This is the first rumour that I put my reputation behind.
R5: Very, very, very reliable rumour that is as close as we can get to fact. It comes from the place that is almost always right, or it comes from multiple sources all saying the same thing. This rumour also has my reputation behind it.

On the RQ site yesterday, there were finally some tasty rumours appearing about the next lot of referrals. Firstly, there is an R5 rumour that packages are on their way from China to the agencies. As to what is in these packages - it is an R3 that they are referrals (simply beacuase of the timing) but alternatively they could be TA's (travel approvals for people who received their referral last month). And as to the $64 000 question of the cut off date - it is an R3.5 that the cut off will be November 21st. One pissy day before our date of November 22nd. I had expected this, but it is still a kick to the guts, Oh well, what's another month's worth of sleepless nights and over-indulgence....

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