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Thursday, July 5

Cut off is the 14th...

Well, despite the holiday in the US for Independence Day, Rumour Queen has updated her blog to give the 14th November an R5 rating, which means that it is pretty much fact. In the States, adoptions are managed by private agencies, and some of these agencies have access to an internal, pay per view web page on which the CCAA updates referrals before they update their public site. I imagine that for RQ to give this an R5, one or more of the US agencies who has access to this internal site must have posted the information on their web page. When the CCAA announces the cut off date, they always include that date in the referrals, so that means we are now just seven days away. I still think that we won't see our referral until September, but next month's wait for news is sure to be agonising...'
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