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Saturday, July 14

Another Weekend

Not much to report today Loyal Readers. DD was at the doctor's (again) yesterday and seems markedly improved. She even managed to get back to school yesterday after almost the whole week spent at home (which I suspect she did not mind one little bit!) After the huge raft of blood tests plus icky stool sample, the Doctor came to the conclusion that she had the $356.50 virus - the one that they have no idea what it is, but they will still charge you $356.50 for the blood tests, thank you very much. Perhaps I should have studied harder at Uni and become a doctor????

Good ol' Grandma has taken DD and DS away again - this time only overnight (thank goodness). They have headed up to beautiful Cradle Mountain (see picture at top) for an overnight snow trip. I just hope the weather cooperates and they do actually get to see some of the floaty white stuff. DH has gone out to the golf course, I have yet another horrid cold, so I plan on doing very little that is a) productive or b) tiresome. Mmm, I think that eating chocolate and a nap sounds like the way to go.

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