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Tuesday, July 17

Early Rumour

OK, I know I have promised not to get excited about rumours, but this one is a doozy!! During my meanderings in the Realm this morning (the RQ blog) I found a rumour which made my eyes water. It is only an R1 rating, but, get this - the girl responsible for the rumour is one of my November BlogRoll pals (Kim) and she reports that her agency called her yesterday to check that her paperwork is in order, as they expect her referral in August. What's so exciting about this, you may ask?? This lady's LID is December the 5th!!! That would mean that for her to get her referral next month, we would also be in, along with many, many other deliriously happy people. The CCAA hasn't referred that many days worth of files since before the beginning of time, so I really should not be getting my hopes up, but Kim says that her agency is VERY conservative and never gives out information unless they are certain of it's authenticity. Doh - have officially lost the battle to not be excited!!!

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Glori said...

Hang in there, let the rollercoaster exist - just don't forget to breathe occasionally :)

Hugs & crossing of body parts.

Cristina said...

Trying hard to breathe Nicky! Very difficult though when you have been holding your breath for two and a half years!!

Cristina x

Anonymous said...

I am feeling like I can't take a breath reading this, so I guess you might need a paper bag! I had the RQ rumour, but it is much more interesting given your friend's input. Fingers crossed!


Cristina said...

Thanks Susan. I am REALLY trying not to be excited by this - have been badly burned before. I am still looking at September for our referral, any sooner would be a bonus.

Cristina x