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Sunday, July 22

Some People are Toads

I had to take DD to the doctor's (again) today. Last night she started going downhill and fortunately, the surgery was open for emergency appointments today. After waiting for about half an hour for the doctor, we came out, script in hand (chest infection, just like her brother) and went to get in the car. That's when I noticed that some little snot had graffitied his or her 'tag' on the side of my lovely new car. Grrrrrr. Mindless vandalism is one of the few things on this earth which I hate with a passion. The people who do stuff like this are the same people who rip trees up from the nature strip, pull people's mail boxes off, kick fences down and push street signs over. There is just no need for it. Moronic behaviour in the extreme, if you ask me. Anyway, this story does have a happy ending - the spray paint came off easily with some tea tree oil, thankfully saving me the hassle of having to go to the body works shop for a cut and polish. Honestly, some people should just grow up and get a life....

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