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Tuesday, July 3

The Rumours are Coming!!

After my miserable, whiny post of yesterday, I have awoken this morning to rumours coming out of the USA. Supposedly, a (an??) European agency has told their clients that referrals were mailed from China yesterday, and that they include allocations for families up until the 14th November. This means, dear friends, that we will more than likely see our referral in September. And, as I predicted many months ago, we will miss out on an August referral by one poxy day. Because the 22nd of November (our LID) is such a huge day in terms of the number of files logged in, I imagine that August referrals will have a cut off of November 21st. Won't I be a head case if that happens???!!!! Anyway, watch this spot for more updates - I'm heading into that time of the month when I spend far too many hours on the computer, waiting to see how much closer we are to our amazing referral phone call.
zai jian!
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Anonymous said...

oeHi Cristina

I guess the positive is that if the cut is 21 November in August, you will be definitely be expecting the stork delivery in September! You will be calm (ha ha ha) knowing for sure that you are next. Sure wouldn't want to be driving near you if your phone rings whilst you are in the car.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about the typo!


Glori said...

Hi Cris,

What Susan says :)

Plus, I LOVE that piccy at the bottom - it's like you know my mind heeheehee.

Ai has gone to his dad's ..... finally. Urgh, long story but not a new one. So I now have house to myself for 3 days (during D's work hours anyway *lol*). So, of course I'm not indulging, rather catching up on 3 week's worth of flu house backlog....



Cristina said...

Hi Susan and Nicky,
Thanks for your posts. I have barely learned to drive my new car yet, let alone the mobile phone, so I could well and truly be a hazard on the day I get that call! Thanks for always checking up on me - I appreciate your comments!
Nicky - enjoy your pre-pubescent free time and don't overdo the housework!

Cristina xx

Glori said...

Housework? What's that!

Oh, you mean that stuff where things get put away or umm, what do call it.... c-l-e-a-n-e-d. Oh yeah that stuff.

LMAO - No fear of that happening :)

Will tackle that next week, when he's at school & I've one more week off (TAFE gets 3 weeks due to teacher PD).