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Wednesday, July 25

Poll results

Well done to those five people who correctly identified the Chinese character in my profile - it does indeed represent 'peace'. And, for those of you just dying to know, my tattoo is a peace symbol, emblazoned upon my upper thigh (i.e.butt cheek) when I was very young, stupid and pretending to be a hippy. Just a word of warning for anyone out there tempted to get a tattoo- they do not grow as you do. I am now about 10 kilos heavier than I was when I sabotaged my body with permanent ink, and have had two babies. Stretch marks and a warped peace symbol on your butt are NOT a good look...


Glori said...

Always wondered what happened to them over the space of time :) Glad I went the navel piercing (divorce gift to self).

Oh on the name thing (cause I can't leave a comment up there) I tied between two....so voted twice to muss up your numbers :o


Cristina said...

ooh, you are brave Nicky!!! I have a major phobia about piercings, so have never been brave enough!!! Thanks for your vote too.

Cristina xx

Anonymous said...

I have gone the tattoo road twice (my fortieth birthday present 10 years ago, but hope that my ankle and back of hip don't fare too badly with the passage of time. I always wonder what happens to those beautiful tattoos one sees done around belly buttons on flat tummies! I tried the navel piercing too - but after six weeks pulled the plug (so to speak) as I didn't like the feel of it when I bent down.

Have voted in the namestakes too!


Glori said...

I had a bigger fear of needles over the piercing thingey!

Plus, a girlfriend managed to psych me into thinking it would be worse than labour....when it wasn't anything at all.

It was my divorce/30th present to remind me of where I'd been & more importantly where I wanted (& still want) to go/be.

Drove me nuts when it was a ring, but had an amber bar put in (to match the chakra point) & had no hassles after that. Now, it's like earrings - forget I even have it *lol* (& it survives the weight up/down/stretch etc).