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Sunday, July 15

600 days....

I have just logged on and realised (via my gaudy and over-the-top counter) that we have now been waiting for Alice for 600 days. Wow - to think that when our file went, we were expecting a wait of around 180-240 days!!! The positive news is that we (most likely) have only 30-60 days left to go before that extra special phone call. I really hope I haven't jinxed myself by writing this down. If all goes according to what I think should happen, we will be referred in early September, only 60 odd days away. A surprise referral could come in August, but I am putting my money on September. So - 600 days down, 60 to go. Will I make it before I go completely insane?? Highly unlikely. But hey, what's the fun in being sane all the time???!!!


Kim said...

Lol I like your gaudy over the top counter :)

Lucky you with a Sept referral - I think mine will be Oct!

Kim said...

We are doing a big group cruise Dec 2008 - you should go with us :) I'll be bringing Natalie!