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Thursday, May 31

That time of the month.

No, not THAT time - referral time. To show how very silly I get at this time of the month, it is now 7.30am and I have been up at the computer for three hours, scouring the Web for any snippet of information about imminent referrals. As you would know from my maudlin post of yesterday, it's not looking too good for this month, but we won't know for sure until the referrals are posted and that slightly rotund lass warbles her tune. I am trying to live in hope, but bracing myself again for bitter disappointment. If the CCAA only makes it to the 7th of November, I will have to readjust my expected referral month to September, or even (gulp) October. Sigh.......AND I have Mandarin lessons tonight, for which I have prepared not one jot. Mental note - must extract digit and do homework or teacher will think I am worst person EVER at studying Chinese....

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