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Monday, May 21

Still more rain - and a sick chick.

We have had HEAPS more beautiful rain over the weekend and again today, which is just marvellous. I found myself waking this morning and really hoping for another gloomy day, which is quite unlike my usual desire for sunny, warm and about 21 degrees. There have even been a few thunder rolls and a bit of lightning - bring it on!! I was at work this morning, enjoying being warm and cosy in my aide room, hearing the sounds of the rain pelting down upon the roof. I then went to my DD's classroom to talk to her teacher and noticed that my poor poss had flaming red cheeks and was looking decidedly under the weather. Since DH and I have both had slap cheek in the past couple of weeks, it didn't take too long to work out what was going on. So,my sick chick is now at home, resting quite comfortably and reading Trixie Belden on the couch whilst I type this entry. As with all things, kids tend to bounce back from this illness pretty quickly, unlike DH and I who suffered for a good couple of weeks. Hopefully she will be back at school tomorrow and feeling sunshiney again.
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