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Friday, May 18

Rain, Glorious Rain!!!

It has been raining solidly for about 12 hours now and it is WONDERFUL!!!! Here in Tassie, traditionally thought of as a rather wet and soggy sort of place, we have been experiencing drought conditions for many months. As Bevan, my lovely old lawn-mowing man once said - 'It's like it's forgotten HOW to rain'. So this lovely, soaking precipitation we are currently receiving is a real blessing, and in more ways than one. It means that DS's excursion to the local trainyards, followed by a ride on the train to be beach and a BBQ (accompanied by moi) has been cancelled. Now if the rain keeps up, with a bit of luck all junior soccer matches for the weekend will be cancelled too.......

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Glori said...


I want rain. Not fair. Up here there is talk of Level 6 water restrictions ... for a capital city :-o

They've turned off or whatever you call it one of the three main dams as it is down to 14%

I miss Tassie - dryness & all. Least you get cool/cold weather. I'm STILL wearing sleeveless shirts...

Ok, getting off my soapbox now :)

Glad you're getting rain & I'll do hoodoo dancing for soccer to run away (mine does cross-country running .... guess what - rain doesn't stop it. Well, that is you know IF it ever rains again).