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Sunday, May 6

The Great Hermit Crab Massacre

We have crabs. Four of them, to be exact. Two belong to my DD, two belong to my DS. They have graced us with their presence for a couple of months now, and were sold to us with promises of 'They are such great pets! Very low maintainence!! HUH. Low maintainence they are not. Violent they are. In the past week, one (Willow) has been brutally murdered by another (Fern) and just now the replacement for Willow (Gideon) has severely mauled the aforementioned Fern. Ack. Now Fern is missing two legs and looking very sad, whilst Gideon seems to have exhausted himself with the ferocity of his attack to the point of demise. I have had to set up an isolation tank for Fern, and Gideon appears to be a goner. Not good since he has only been with us since Wednesday! And of course, both crabs belong to highly strung DD, who will be just devastated when she awakes in the morning to see the carnage. Double ack. Low maintanence - rubbish!!

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