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Monday, May 7

Murder? I think not...

Mmmm, the plot thickens. Seems as if my hermit crab massacre theory of yesterday is FALSE!!! Sure, the crabs are dead (three out of four) but it turns out there was a more logical explanation - insecticide. The kids had been playing with them during the day in DS's cool, u-beaut carpark/garage for toy cars. Needless to say, I am sure the crabs had a delightful time. Anyway, approximately three hours after said play session, all manner of carnage began to happen in the hermit crab habitat. Turns out that the pesticide sprayed by the Pest Guy a couple of weeks ago is still quite toxic to hermit crabs. In playing on the garage/car-park they had absorbed enough residual insectide to be fatal. Oh dear.... So, R.I.P. Fern, Gideon and Gerbie - only Herbie survived, but was joined this afternoon by Pearl, Bluey and TBA. I just hope I get my money's worth out of this lot.


Glori said...

Very complicated pets! Hopefully the others will enjoy a much longer lifespan.

I'm busy reasoning on occasion (when it is remembered in his ever-growing male brain) about the delays in a snake ownership debate .......

Oh the joy of teenagedom :)


Cristina said...

A snake???!! Oh boy, would you get a lot of Mum points for that!! Glad it's you and not me Nicky!!


Glori said...

Well, I've requested that Miss Winifred pass this realm first (she is the 13yr old tortoise shell cat). Don't won't to speed up her demise with a snake in his room.......

I'm not totally adverse to it - but I'm not telling him that. Never give the child a sense of power - particularly one born Aug. 23 & quotes the Simpsons.... ;)!