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Tuesday, May 8

Mandarin mayhem

I have just completed my homework for this week's Mandarin classes, and have come to accept the fact that I am completely USELESS with regard to language acquisition skills. How I ever learned to speak as a child is any one's guess... Anyhow, it took me an hour and a half to complete approximately 20 simple pinyin translations/questions and I still can't count to ten properly! I have also come to realise that I am tone deaf. As Mandarin is a tonal language, this is somewhat of a handicap. I am, despite my grizzling, enjoying the class immensely. There are also others in the class who are just as linguistically challenged as myself, which causes great hilarity at times. Can't wait to be unleashed in China and assault the native population with my hillbilly mandarin.



Misty said...

Ning How,(not correct pinyon I know!)
We also learned Mandarin!! I had a great time!
We studied it for 10 weeks, poor Brian, he just couldn't do any homework due to a hectic work schedule so he found each week a bit terrifying! We had a very tough teacher!! She was 4 foot nothing and could tear strips off you for "no homework" OUCH!

I love the china unltrasound! Too cool!
By the way (Misty) is my nickname Brian gives me - before I was married I was "Miss T Cl...." hence Miss T! That is all he ever calls me! So I use that as my alias up in the blog/internet world!

{{{lots of hugs to you!!}}}

Glori said...

Hi Cris,

Got your email & thought I'd drop by. I've added you onto the list of blogs I view to keep up with friends.

Reading about your language adventure (I thought Latin was enough of a challenge *lol*) I'm very glad it's you not me. Always figured Mandarin was tonal & being half deaf...let's say we have fun in English when I'm tired :)


Cristina said...

Misty, I love the reason behind your nickname! And your Mandarin teacher sounds truly terrifying!! Mine is, fortunately, quite lovely, if not a little difficult to understand at times. Hopefully I will improve, but I severely doubt it!!
Love and hugs right back to you,
Cristina xx

Cristina said...

Nicky, I had forgotten about the horror that was our Latin lessons!! I was SO bad at that - I must have blocked it from my memory. I have been checking your blog too, and I am enjoying catching up on all that is happening with you and yours.
Look forward to catching up with you again soon,
Cristina xx

Jen said...

Hi Cristina - I will truly enjoy reading of your adventure and can't wait to read of the allocation of your beautiful Alice. Good on you for doing this - I'll be a frequent visitor!
Jen - mummy to precious Ebony xxx

Glori said...

One of these days I'll actually get around to blogging/live journaling (have an a/c). Still don't think I have anything of interest to say *lol*. Glad you like the page - figure it's a way of seeing what's what...kinda.

Glori said...

Oh & of course you'd have repressed Latin. I still have nightmares of the wall of paper that was my shower at uni :o

Though occasionally I think I should prepare for any nephew/niece from sister (not happening anytime soon) & learn French. They will be bilingual.....