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Thursday, May 24

Ladybirds (or ladybugs if you are a Yank)

You may have noticed the odd ladybird creeping around my blog. They live in my house too - on the fridge, in the pot plants, among the kids toys, and other interesting places. 'Why?' I can hear you ask. Well, many years ago (waaaayyy back in the early 1990's) when international adoption from China was just starting to take off in the USA, people began to notice a correspondence between ladybird sightings and the appearance of referrals. Over the years, the China adoption community has taken up the image of the ladybird with a vengeance, and it has become symbolic of adopting from China among those 'in the know'. Case in point - I even have a ladybird dress up costume waiting in Alice's wardrobe for her to wear to her very first fancy dress party. I am also the proud owner of ladybird gumboots, ladybird dummies, books featuring ladybirds etc etc etc. Tragic, I know, but a fun way to pass the time and to feel a sense of 'connectedness' with other waiting families. Since referrals are due in the next week or so, I would appreciate notification of ANY ladybird sightings, just so I can look to the skies and spy a glimpse of the stork on it's way from China...

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