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Wednesday, May 9

Sweet November...

Well, it's official - the CCAA (China Centre for Adoption Affairs, for those not 'in the know') has updated their web page. After almost 18 months of waiting, far too many Tim Tams and copious bottles of CabSav, I can finally say that:

IT'S OUR MONTH!!!!!!!!

Our file was received by the CCAA on November 11th 2005 and logged in (or, officially put in line) on November 22nd. So we are only 21 days worth of LID's (log in dates) away from allocation. Now, for the $64 000 question - exactly how long will it take the CCAA to get through those 21 days worth of files??Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?.........

Must walk away from computer before making any more references to bizarre 80's movies (and thus revealing my true age....)


Glori said...

A very tentative & delicately stated Woo Hoo (so as not to incite the wrath of any gods/goddesses round the place)!

Keeping fingers crossed for you.

Cristina said...

Thanks Nicky!!