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Sunday, May 27

Sometimes I hate technology...

I was preparing to do a very interesting and hopefully insightful post today on my kids' kung fu competition which was on yesterday. Five hours worth of grappling, grunting, performing and the like. I sat for said five hours on a hard wooden bench, in a cold semi-renovated church, watching my little angels try and choke the living daylights out of their friends (all in the name of good sportsmanship, of course). I took over a hundred pictures on the ol' digital camera - action shots, trophy presentation shots etc etc. I have just managed to delete all but two from my camera. ARGHHHHHH!!!!!! I meticulously went through each picture, protected the ones I wanted to keep and then hit the 'delete all except protected images' button. And what happened?? I have no bloody idea, but they, aside from two of the DS, are all gone. Vanished into the ether, never to be seen again. I guess I will just have to wait until the next five hour stint on the cold wooden benches so I can take more. Technology can be wonderful - but sometimes it really sucks.


Wendy said...

This has been one of my greatest fears... try and look on the bright side at least you still had one or two.. you could have lost then ALL!!! Have a great Weekend

Anonymous said...

You crack me up every time I read your blogs Cristina.
Have you thought of writing a book?
Fiona x

Cristina said...

Hey Fiona - lovley to 'see' you here! Glad you enjoy the blog. I have thought of a book (in the very distant past) but gave it up as a bad idea - too long! I prefer to keep things short and sweet! It was great to see you last week - let's make sure it's not so long between visits next time!
Cristina xx

Glori said...

I agree completely with technology issues. I won't delete anything until I have backups to my backups. Our digital stuffed up yesterday. Went to a lunch with friends & I was determined to get a family photo. Charged up the batteries, Damon got it all organised & when we got there - Pft! Nothing. Nada thing. We have no idea why. Bah humbug!

On an aside did get family pictures taken on one of the other cameras, so when I get them emailed over will forward one on. You can see how Aiden is essentially my height now :o (with a burgeoning Adams apple *gulp*).

Cristina said...

YOUR SON HAS AN ADAM"S APPLE!!!!???? Noooooooooo.... That makes me feel so very old. Give him a hug from me!
Cristina xx

Glori said...

YOU feel old! It makes the reality of me turning 37 scary. Luckily I only catch glimpses of it - like seeing him sideways as he sits at the computer (not doing his homework of course *lol*).

It's only just starting....but starting none the less. *GULP*

Will pass on the hug - he thinks it's so cool that Liam picked the 23rd *rolls eyes* :)