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Thursday, May 17

Home Decorating with The Obsessive-Compulsive.

Catchy title hey? It almost sounds like the name of some groovy, ultra-hip lifestyle mag, with a hideous cover price and even more hideous decor within its glossy pages. Unfortunately though, it is not a magazine I am referring to, but me trying to 'do' stuff in my home when I tend to veer a little towards the OCD side of the spectrum. A simple floral arrangement can mean hours wasted on getting the stems in just the right position; hanging a picture can cause untold amounts of stress for all in the household as I continually check the alignment. And I wonder how many holes in the walls there are behind said pictures, the result of the first, second and subsequent 'hangings' being not quite 'right'. Sigh....I'm sure that this condition does have it's positive side - I just haven't worked out what it is yet. Now farewell as I go to check that the clock is hanging exactly where it is meant to be...

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