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Tuesday, May 22

Surprise wedding!

Well, not quite, but pretty close. Eleven years ago, when we were struggling Uni students, we met, fell in love and decided to get married. Due to a horrendous amout of family bickering about said wedding ('You can't invite THEM! Why haven't you invited them?? How could you make us SUFFER so badly???'........) we did the sensible thing and eloped. A very simple affair at the registry office, with a few close friends, and a reception afterwards at the local pub. Anyway, in the last eleven years a LOT has happened - two children (soon to be three) and major lifestyle changes (ie: we are no longer dirt-poor students). Most importantly though, we both gave our lives to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. So this ceremony last night was a renewal of our vows, recognising the importance of God and faith in our marriage. It was a beautiful evening - a big surprise for the dozen members of our very close church group, and many tears were shed. Our lovely (and soon to be departed) Pastor David presided over the evening, and a memorable time was had. I have included a photo of us and I am very happy to say that even after eleven years and two kids I could still (just) fit into my wedding dress!! Enjoy the pics - zai jian until next time.


Glori said...

And you are smiling as radiantly today as you were then!

You both look so happy & the added attendents are such a beautiful bonus - they even looked pleased to be there.

I'm still wrapping my head around the number.... 11. Eleven. 11 Ooooh! & a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to you BOTH (please pass it on for me).

Plus glad to see some Tasmanian elopements last!!! ;)

One of these years I'm getting myself & my boys down there to show them where Mum/Nic's friend Cris & Duncan live....

*still muttering about time flying etc*

Cristina said...

Thanks Nicky! Yup, still smiling down here in Tassie - we had a great night. Talk about time flying - your boy is in HIGH SCHOOL!!!! And I will definitely take you up on that promise of showing D and A where we live someday...
Cristina xx

Glori said...

This is true - scary huh!

Plus, he has become that high school creature - talking in tongues aka teen-speak (everything is random, gangsta or swish at present).

I still wrap my head around it when he goes "I'm nearly 13 Moth-er (yes, it's broken like that to make a point), of course I can do *insert activity* by myself".

I'm glad he wants his independence - though it's scary to comprehend at times :)

Wendy said...

Happy Day for you guys. I notice on the rumour queen you LID date is very soon... Ours is November 4 2005.

Cristina said...

Wow, Wendy - you could be hearing your happy news any day now!!! Thanks for checking out my blog, and for your congratulations. I just dropped by your blog and noticed that you were after some good books on attachment -the two best I have are 'Attaching in Adoption' by Deborah Gray, and 'Adoption Parenting - Creating a Toolbox, Building Connections" by Macrae and MacLeod. Both should be available at Amazon.com. If you have any trouble finding them, just let me know. I will be 'favouriting' your blog so that I can see your pictures when they arrive!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cristina,

Just popped in to your blog and saw the news about your special day - it sounds wonderful! Congratulations to you both!

Up in Qld....wishing it would rain!

Cristina said...

Thanks Tasha! We had a really lovely evening, and managed to surprise all our friends, which was fun! BTW, thank you so much for all the work you have done on the gorgeous FCC cards - they are spectacular, and I have already ordered my 10 packs from Jan! As she said, they would be great for referral announcements. Now, where is that referral????
Cristina xx