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Tuesday, October 2

Time is flying!

Wow Loyal Readers - many apologies for leaving it so very long between posts. The pre-travel organisational nightmare has been consuming me somewhat, but I think that I am almost there. Our NTT's (TA's) arrived with the Department in Hobart last Friday, and should be landing on my doorstep today, which is VERY exciting!!! This finally means that all is well, all is approved and we have the OK to go ahead with Alice's adoption, direct from the Big Kahuna at the CCAA. So in two weeks and six days we will do just that. I am just so excited I can barely think. My brain has well and truly been taken over by all things baby, and has, as a result, turned to mush.
Not too much else to report from Down Under aside from the insanity of getting ready to travel O/S and collect our sweet babe. I had confirmation today that Alice's care package has arrived at the SWI (orphanage) and I assume will be passed on to her foster family from there. I find it amazing to think that at this very moment she may be looking through the photo album that we sent, glimpsing our faces for the very first time. Wow....
I had an appointment last week with a local GP who is an adoptive dad of three IA children - Korea, Thailand and China. He is just lovely, and even though his books are full, he has agreed to take Alice on as a patient. I figure it will be great to be able to see a doctor who is clued up on attachment, co-sleeping, and all manner of other issues related to adopting children from O/S.
I must now head off to the girls' bedroom. I did a spot of rearranging yesterday and now have to go through the multitudes of pink little girl clothes to sort into sizes and put away all the 'too big for now' stuff. hardly an onerous task!! I will try VERY hard not to leave it so long between post next time...

PS- Our NTT just arrived!!! YAY!!!!


OziMum said...

Great news about the Dr! I freaks me a little, about finding someone who's going to "get" some of the things our daughter will go through.

Alice is such a cutie-pie!

Lillie dAmour said...

I would love to adopt.
I am adopted from India.
Lots of Love

Terri @ In His Hands said...

I'm so excited for you I can't stand it! I wish we could meet up in China!

Keep up with the blog so we can follow you while we are there! We hope to leave on the 23rd or 24th!

PanTomaKa said...

precioso blog¡¡¡¡

RoLo said...

So exciting cant wait to see your photos and posts from China.