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Friday, October 19

Hi from Shanghai!!!

We can hardly believe it, but we are actually in China, in the completely amazing city of Shanghai. I survived the 12 hour journey on the flying tube of death very well (thanks to all who were praying for me) and we arrived in Shanghai at 6pm. All I can say is WOW!!!! The bus ride from the airport was possibly the scariest hour and a half of my life. They have no seat belts in minivans, and apparently there are no road rules either. The pushiest driver wins. There were quite a few occasions when DH and I thought that we were not going to make it to the hotel!! But, thankfully we did and the Holiday Inn Vista is fabulous. We were upgraded to a 'sweeter room' (Chinglish for suite) and we are having a very luxurious time. Ordered in some gorgeous local food for dinner, and had a most satisfying eight hour sleep. We are planning on having a bit of an explore this morning around the city (well, a small part of it) before another scary minivan ride to the airport at 12 noon for our flight to Nanchang. It all feels so surreal - to be here in China, and to be meeting our precious Alice in only two sleeps. Bring it on!!! Zai jian until next time.

Cristina xxx


Anonymous said...

Wow..so amazing...have a great trip to Nanchang and well...I know you will have a wonderful day with Alice. Take care. CTG.

RoLo said...

Yeah your there:) Your "sweeter room" sounds lovely.

OziMum said...

The tube of death!!! That is so funny!!!

Yay! You're in China!!! It can't get anymore real than that, can it? (well, I guess Alice in your arms, would be pretty real?!!)

Terri said...

ROFL about the tube of death. So glad you made it in one piece! Enjoy Shanghai!

Anonymous said...

Well done and all good wishes for shortly meeting your new daughter ... hope it is everything and more that you've dreamed and imagined it to be, looking forward to reading every detail, and may this adventure be etched into your mind and heart forever!