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Monday, October 15

Feeling teary today...

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I have just realised exactly how much I am going to miss my DD and DS when I leave on Wednesday. We have never been apart for this long before - our longest separation was back in June this year when Grandma and Grandad took the lucky ducks to Hong Kong. But that was for 11 days. This is going to be 19. Wow. I have been so focused on all the organisation and preparation for the adoption and travel arrangements, that I haven't really given any thought to my two gorgeous kids whom I am leaving behind. DD is really not keen on us going - she has said to me on several occasions that she really wants her new little sister, but just wishes that we didn't have to go away for so long to collect her. DS, true to form, won't have thought too much about it, but when it comes time for us to leave on Wednesday he will be one very sad little dude. I have bought Grandma a phone card so that we can talk most days, and we will email as well, but I will miss their hugs, quirky little personalities and goodnight kisses. Must head off now and have a bit of a cry....


OziMum said...

LOL! My 10yr old daughter desperately wants to come with us, 6yr old son couldn't care less!!!
We decided ages ago, that we'd leave the kidlets home with the grandparents, so we could focus on our little one. I'd love the kids to come too - but I'm petrified they'll get sick, and there's so many "official" meetings - not sure they'd cope.

Yes, it'll be a long 19 days, but your kids will have their baby sister at the end of it, and the 19 days will seem like you weren't gone at all!

Emma's Journal said...

I just want to cry with you. I can't even do that w/our 7 yr old. I myself have never been apart more then 3 nights at the most. I will miss him way to much to leave him behind. Just keep in touch with them so that they can here their Mommy's voice, they will be fine. That's easy for me to say. 19 days? WOW!!

Anonymous said...

Completely understandable...I am leaving my oldest at home (she has midterms) and I know I am going to miss her BIG time...I am going to call everyday!!!
Take care and have a great trip. CTG from RQ

Glori said...

I can imagine. I've had many times of separation & last year was hard at about 21 days or so. You have my sympathy. But, Alice will be coming home to you all & hugs can be given all year round.

Besides (cause it's me *lol*), think of it as pre-training for you when they are like 19 or so & moving out.......(it's not THAT far away really Mwahahahahahaha).

BIG BIG HUGS & phone cards are one of the best things ever!

Terri said...

I am DREADING leaving my little guy.


Jen said...

Oh Cristina - I've been away and I'm just in time to email you and wish you the most wonderful 'journey of a lifetime'. I know it will be hard being separated - I can't imagine an hour without my little Ebony yet! I pray that the Lord be with you every step of the way - take it all in as best you can - Bless you heaps and safe travels. With blessings, Jen